April 2015

Message from the President

Happy April to everyone.

We have our monthly meeting on Friday the 10th, and our weekly BJCP Study session every Sunday at 2 PM with the last session on April 19th. Please Note that I will not be attending the April SNAFU meeting so Vice President “Wild” Bill” will be running things.

A reminder too that even if you’re not taking the BJCP Tasting exam April 25th, you’re welcome to come and assist. You’ll get to see what the proctors and Exam Administrator do to present a fair and challenging exam and you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect if/when you elect to take the exam in the future. Just arrive at Bill’s house (1721 Sand Storm Drive, Henderson) by 9:30 AM on April 25th and we’ll put you to work.

A last minute item for the newsletter. Lee’s Beer and Tequila Experience is Saturday, May 30th at the Westgate Hotel on Paradise. SNAFU has not been
invited to serve as yet but I will investigate and try to get some information to Wild Bill before this month’s meeting. Groupon’s are available for General
Admission tickets for $29.


SNAFU’s 2015 Winterfest Competition Results

The results are in!

First I want to thank everyone who made this year’s SNAFU Winterfest competition a resounding success. Especially notable was Competition
Coordinator James Gurdison’s tireless efforts to pull it all off. Having been Competition Coordinator myself for three years, I know just how much work
goes into a successful competition so my hat is off to James…great job!

This year’s Winterfest Best of Show winners are:

Best of Show: Jimmy Doyle Strong Scotch Ale
Second place, Best of Show: Janice Moreland Elderberry Melomel
Third place, Best of Show: Jimmy Doyle Standard American Lager
All results can be found on the Competitions tab of the SNAFU web page at http://www.snafubrew.com/.

SNAFU Brewing Awards

If you or someone you know wins an award at a homebrew competition, e-mail Bill Moreland at killrwv7703@yahoo.com and let him know. Recent SNAFU

MemberName of Competition Beer Style Place
See Above

BJCP Beer Judging Exam
A SNAFU sponsored BJCP sanctioned Beer Judging exam is now on the
calendar for April 25th, 2015 at 9:30 AM.
Test preparation takes place every Sunday at 2 PM. Weekly sessions are held at
Tacos and Beer, 3900 Paradise Road, Las Vegas. During these sessions we
focus on learning more about specific BJCP categories, understanding what
your senses are telling you when you’re tasting beer, and how to write a better
score sheet. All SNAFU members are welcome to attend any or all sessions.
We’ve just placed another BJCP Beer Tasting Exam on the calendar for August,
2016. All those who are on the waiting list for the April exam will be moved to
the active list of the August 2016 exam if they don’t get to test this time.

April Tasting Session

hosted by “Wild” Bill Koenig

The February SNAFU homebrew tasting experience will occur on April 22nd, 7
PM at Aces and Ales West (Tenaya Way).
2015 National Homebrewer’s Conference

The 2015 National Homebrewer’s Conference sponsored by the American
Homebrewer’s Association (AHA) will be held in San Diego, CA June 11th – 13th.

Capacity at this years conference will be 4000 and many of our SNAFU
members will be able to attend. In fact, so many of our members are attending,
we’re moving our June SNAFU meeting up a week to Friday,
June 5th at Aces and Ales, Nellis.
If you haven’t attended the conference before, it’s well worth the trip. This is
an opportunity to socialize with homebrewers from all across the country.
Typically there are nearly 100 presentations and seminars about brewing and
related subjects. There is also Pro Brewer’s night where a line-up of
commercial breweries offers their finest beers for sampling, and Club night
where homebrew clubs from across the country, including SNAFU, offer their
homebrew selections for imbibing. There is a “Social Package” available as
well. The Social Package does not include access to conference seminars.
Anyone registered for a Full Conference registration will be able to add a guest
for a Social Package registration, as long as both registrants are AHA members.
I’d like to have some sort of club outing while we’re in San Diego either at a
local brewery or at a restaurant, maybe before Pro Brewer’s Night so let us
know if you’re going. We’ll also need help pouring on club night so everyone
can have an opportunity to taste some of the great homebrews from around
the country.
Wild Bill and I have discussed a theme for Club NIght as well as SNAFU Club T-
shirts for SNAFU members attending the conference. Wild Bill will be
compiling a list of members attending so let him know so we get a good count
on the t-shirts and ideas for the club outing and club night theme.
SNAFU Vice President, “Wild” Bill Koenig will coordinate all the club activities
for the conference including our participation in the National Homebrew

From Mr. Vice (Wild Bill)

SNAFU has scheduled club brewing events for the following dates. The beer
brewed on these days will be dedicated to the National Homebrewers
Conference club night and hospitality room June 11-13 th . We will need
approximately 20 Corny kegs to take to San Diego. The events are open to all
SNAFU members and friends who want to assist or learn homebrewing. SNAFU
will be brewing beer during the Boulder City Beer Festival March 28 th . The May
event will be on National Homebrewers Day, Saturday May 2 nd .
· Saturday April 25 th at James Gurdison’s house near N. Jones and
Elkhorn. 1 mile north of the 215 beltway from the N. Jones exit. Start time of

approx. 2 PM after the tasting exam is completed at President Bill’s house.
· Saturday May 2 nd President Bill will be brewing outside UBottleIt in
Henderson. This will be a five gallon extract batch to demonstrate to people
not familiar with homebrewing just how easy the process can be. I would love
some company so if you want to brew that day let me know.
That is the tentative schedule for now. SNAFU will provide funding for the
club brew days, all batch ingredients and food. If you would like to have a
club brew day at your house/ranch/estate on some other date let me know
National Homebrew Day Big Brew
Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 is the date of the AHA National Big Brew day. This is
an annual event to celebrate National Homebrew Day and promote the
homebrewing hobby. I’ll be brewing outside UBottleIT in Henderson and I think
it would be great if more people came out to brew.
Boulder City Beer Festival

This year’s Boulder City Beer Festival was held on Saturday, March 28th Wilbur
Square Park in Boulder City, NV.
SNAFU presented a homebrewing demonstration by Jonathan Couzens,
Jimmy Doyle and “Wild” Bill Koenig and Mr. President, Bill Moreland.
We included a demonstration of extract brewing to show the public that
homebrewing doesn’t necessarily take a lot of expensive equipment. SNAFU
member Dan Vennes generously offered up his camp stove which worked
great for brewing outdoors.
Newsletter Contributors


Hopefully you’ve been reading these newsletters regularly but does it have the
content you’re expecting? Frankly I’d like to see more variety of articles here
but I’m only one person.
What would SNAFU members find valuable in their newsletter? Brewing
articles and tips of course; recipes, homebrewing experiences (what to do or
not to do) lessons learned, and maybe even a travel column written by
someone other than me.

So light a fire under your imagination, pull out your keyboard and contribute!
It’s your newsletter so raise your voices SNAFU and contribute!

Travel Column

by Bill Moreland
April 2015

Triple 7 Brewery, Las Vegas, NV

This is a continuation of my look at some of Las Vegas’s local breweries.

Back in December Miss Janice and I celebrated our anniversary with an overnight stay at the Golden Nugget. Not far down the street is Main Street Station which houses the Triple 7 Brewery within its’ walls.

Triple 7 has been around for a long time though there’s no dates on the Main Street Station web page nor is there any indication of a brewing philosophy. In short, Main Street doesn’t seem to making a big effort to market Triple 7.

The beers I tasted in December were varied and interesting. The line-up included:

High Roller Gold (American Wheat)
First in line was a brilliantly clear, gold beer with a large white, persistent head. The aroma consisted of light mild grassy notes and a very mild bread and cracker aroma. The flavor was similar to the aroma with light grassy notes balanced by an easy, bready sweetness. The beer finished crisp. The body was medium-light and carbonation medium. I thought this was a crisp, refreshing easy drinking beer and scored it at 34.

Marker Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)
Another brilliantly clear beer, this flight member was medium gold with a medium white head. The aroma was a moderate combination of grapefruit and grass. The same grapefruit and grassiness dominated the flavor. A light caramel flavor attempted to balance but was overwhelmed. Both body and carbonation were medium and lead to a rather dry, bitter finish. I thought this beer was over hopped for the American Pale Ale category and was closer to an
IPA. I scored it at 31.

Royal Red Lager (Lagered Irish Red?)
We started moving to darker territory with this beer. It arrived deep amber/red, brilliantly clear with a low white head. A light aroma of caramel greeted me but was not accompanied by any esters or hop aroma. The flavor profile was surprisingly robust with a big caramel character, no balancing hop flavor and a mildly sweet finish. The body was medium and carbonation medium-high. This was a tasty sweet, clean caramel showcase and I scored it at 35.

Blackchip Porter (Brown Porter)
Going darker, this beer arrived deep brown, very clear, with a low tan head that persisted for eons. A mild aroma of roasted barley with light notes of chocolate and coffee made up the aroma. The flavor was identical to the aroma with mild notes of roasted grain, chocolate and coffee. A medium-full body and low carbonation made the beer feel as though it was on nitro (it wasn’t). Though the brewery does not specify a porter sub-style for Blackchip, I scored it as a Brown POrter and thought it was an excellent example of that light porter style. It garnered a score of 37.

Black Cherry Stout (Seasonal)
The last beer off the flight was also dark brown, clear with a big tan head. A huge cherry aroma completely masked any of the underlying stout characteristics. Chocolate did come through in the flavor profile and balanced nicely with the cherry flavor creating a true “dessert” beer. The body was appropriately medium-full and carbonation was medium-low. I thought this was an excellent “dessert” beer. It lost points due to the lack of stout characteristics in the aroma profile and I scored it at 33.

This is the third in my series of local Las Vegas breweries (Yes, I reviewed Boulder Dam Brewing almost two years ago but it was still part of the series). Station Casinos does not go out of their way to market the Triple 7 Brewery and their beers are not exceptionally unique but we enjoyed ourselves with respectable beer and good food.


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