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David and Shirley Cron’s Route 66 Bottle Share!
Date: Saturday. July 2nd, 2022
Time: 3pm-6pm
Address: 3191 Appleblossom Cir
Info: Bring a beer from any brewery along Route 66 (or anywhere, if you can’t get something from along the historic highway). This is a birthday bottle share to celebrate Shirley Cron! Also, it’s super close to the 4th of July, so patriotic dress is encouraged. The silent auction will also be hosted at this bottle share.

More about the Monte & Marisol Memorial:
First of all, we have been gifted malt and hops that belonged to Monte and Marisol by Marisol’s sister Aimee. We officers are currently deciding how to best use these ingredients to make a memorial beer for Monte and Marisol. More information about that will be coming later. Secondly, it’s been mentioned through the grape vines that Banger Brewing will be brewing Escape, the
coconut pale ale that Marisol won a competition with and got to brew at Banger. Lastly, Marisol’s sister Aimee has donated all of Monte’s and Marisol’s homebrew equipment to us. So, we plan to have a silent auction. The proceeds will be split in half – half will go to SNAFU for all the hard work we’ll be putting into the auction, and half will go to a charity picked by Aimee, a charity that was
dear to Monte and Marisol. The silent auction will be held at David and Shirley Cron’s house during their bottle share, on Saturday, July 2, 2022. Yes, it will be a patriotic-themed bottle share. And, yes, pictures and a silent auction google form sheet will be available before the bottle share.


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