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Jason Coleman will be administering the BJCP Beer Tasting Exam on December 4th 2021 in Las Vegas! Grand Master Judge Dennis Mitchel and
SNAFU Famous National Beer Judge and former SNAFU President Bill Moreland will Proctor the exam.
We need a minimum of 6 people to participate and max capacity is 12. The cost to participate is $15. You need to have completed the BJCP Beer Judge
Entrance Exam online prior to registering for the Tasting Exam. Once final confirmation is received from BJCP we will be announcing a 4 month BJCP
Tasting Exam Prep Schedule. If you need to increase your Tasting Exam score or have never taken the exam, the interest list is forming now. Send an email
with “December Tasting Exam” in the subject line and provide your name, address, phone number, BJCP ID number to


Let us know what questions you have, this is a great year to become a BJCP
Beer Judge and you SNAFU Officers are here to help you along the way.